Funradio M0LFG Site is now closed

We have closed our Site, but that does not mean we no longer exist.

Unfortunately there was only ever the few core members who aranged everything pertaining to our Events and people came along to events pre arranged by people like Myself, Mike, Kelvin, Nessa, Keith, Jim and David. We can still do this without the need of a Site.

When we decide we want to do something radio related we will just do it and we do not need a web site for those arrangements, as we can use phone/mail and personal contact.

We still have a web presence on FB which is a private invite only group.

We are  a group of friends sharing an interest in radio and we never have been a club. We have absolutely no intention of ever becoming a club in the future.

As to future Events we may arrange. Please don't call us, we will call you.